Welcome to my portfolio website
My name is Teodor and I am passionate about UI/UX and information design. On this page you will see some of my projects and method to determine how I can provide value for your work.
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Timeline of ancient Greeks
On this website we display over 1300 ancient Greek authors, philosophers, mathematicians and others in a visually intuitive manner, with colour coding by profession. In this way, they can be filtered efficiently.
Marasesti school website
The website of school nr.2 in the historically very important town Marasesti, where the most major battles of WW1 in Romania were fought.
Music composer website
With this portfolio website I made use of glassmorphism as the main visual effect and used overflow containers to hide content seamlessly. The design leaves enough room for future content additions and updates.
Redesigning the Batman and Superman pages from the DC website
A project that demonstrates the use of imagery to highlight some of our greatest superheroes. The layout sets the eye to flow from element to element with no significant jumps and the empty space leads to higher contrast and order.
flexible design
Staying in touch with latest CSS developments. Compatibility with all devices is a priority.
Respect the well known conventions and accessibility guidelines
Build prototypes to test the user experience
I like visually harmonious designs that are clean, orderly and functional.
Feel free to contact me for further discussions:

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